About me

Hi! I'm Analie Astorga-Motilla, you can call me Anne for short. Everybody else does, well aside from my mother. I am a true blue Filipino, born and raised in the Philippines. As I've said in one of my posts, most Filipinos are a mixture of Chinese and some other race, in my case I am a mix of Chinese and Spanish.

I have just married my beau of nine years, his name is Gel. He is a wedding photographer, doing what he has always loved, taking pictures of people and events and telling a story using his photos. We don't have a baby yet..but we are working on that.

Don't ask about my daytime job...it's boring. I have an 8-6 job that takes care of the bills. What I do after office is what excites me...photography. I am just starting...mainly because of my husband's encouragement. But I really like it and enjoying it so much!

How and why do you blog?

I started blogging in September 2004, mainly to document my wedding preparations (I got married in September 2005). My original blog's purpose was an online journal, a place where I can organize my thoughts and ideas about the wedding.

Over the months, I fell in love with writing. I love the process of story-telling, sharing bits of my life in an entertaining way, and creating an experience with words and pictures.

I love the fact that this site is mine and I can control everything about it - from what it looks like, to what I say.

Now I maintain two blogs: Manila Daily Photo and Daily Musings of a Filipina. Manila Daily Photo focuses on photography, while Daily Musings of a Filipina was my original wedding blog which I have continued until now.

Extra stuff about me

I love beautiful things. Art, photography, rocks, flowers, landscapes, pottery, jewellery, textures, colours, buildings, people.

I love eating! I love entertaining and throwing parties too. I get such a rush from trying out new restaurants and food and eating my heart out!

I prefer fresh, healthy, low-fat, low-sugar foods, that is what I should say LOL. But really I can't live without pizza, hamburgers, french fries, chocolate and KFC.

I'm a bit obsessed about shopping. Clothes, shoes, jewellery, underwear, anything girly. I'm not into brands or teeny fashion trends. I'm a careful shopper, I'm always on the look out for a bargain. And I like to think that I'm careful with my money.

I love going out. Sitting in cafes, dining out, house gatherings, parties, barbecues, weddings, picnics! I also love an occasional trip to watch movies, theatre, musicals, symphonies, stand up comedy, rock concerts and live bands.

At the same time, I can't think of anything more satisfying than sitting in front of TV, eating pizza, lights down low, in my pyjamas and watching crap on TV. I'm a home girl at heart.

Basically, I strive to live a balanced life. Fun. Serious. Fast. Slow. Brainy. Bimbotic. Intense. Lazy. You get the drift.

More random stuff

I was born at Makati, Manila in 1978. I am the eldest of two girls.

My sister is three years younger and is the exact opposite of me!
I'm the eternal optimist. The peacemaker.

I'm a Catholic. I believe that everything has a meaning and purpose, and that everything I do should be for his eternal glory.

I am a Scorpion, and has always believed that I am the embodiment of a true Scorpion!

I had a very happy childhood. My parents were the best, though I had that occasional disagreements with them specially on the topics of boys, dating and parties, over-all I think we clicked!

I can't drink very much alcohol. I go bright red after 3 sips of wine on an empty stomach. Given the choice, I'd reach for a beer over wine and cocktails.

I have a bad case of road rage! But don't say I told you!

I have moved! Please visit http://www.maniladailyphoto.com to view more Manila photos.

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